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Application of inverter in small household wind turbine

Oct 10, 2018

Inverter is a kind of power electronic device that is often used in the power conversion process of small household wind turbines. Its main function is to convert the DC power stored in the battery or output from the rectifier bridge into AC power that can be used by the load. At present, most inverters that operate small household wind turbine systems independently are voltage single-phase bridge inverters.


Inverters used in small domestic wind turbines are required to have higher efficiency, especially at light loads, because wind power generation systems often operate at light loads. In addition, since the input battery voltage fluctuates greatly with the change of the charging and discharging states, the inverter is required to operate normally within a large range of DC voltage variation, and the output voltage is required to be stable.


The inverters for small household wind turbines are divided into two types according to the input mode. One is the DC input type, which is the product that the inverter input is directly connected to the battery; the other is the AC input type, the inverter The product that is connected to the AC output of the generator of the wind turbine is the product that integrates control and inverter. In order to ensure the stable operation of small household wind turbines, its inverter also has many protection functions, such as overshoot protection and over discharge protection.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/