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Application of 300 w small wind turbine to power supply of herdsmen in Inner Mongolia

May 18, 2019

300 w small wind turbines in the process of wind power generation, taking into account the instability of the wind, the wind energy controller is connected in the system, the wind power generation system is controlled by the three-phase alternating current, and finally the electric energy generated by the wind energy is stored in the battery. in. When the wind energy is sufficient, the wind power generation system can be stored, and when the wind energy is insufficient, the load can also be supplied.


For the herdsmen's power supply in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it is very necessary to use wind power generation equipment in areas where power is not available, depending on the current situation of non-electric households living in a dispersed, remote location and low power consumption. Because Inner Mongolia has a vast territory and abundant wind resources, especially the annual wind speed of 3.5m/s, it is very suitable for the standard of small wind turbines to start power generation. Moreover, the wind power generation system is a kind of clean energy, which is green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and energy-saving. It is closely related to the environment in which the Inner Mongolian herders live for many years.www.titanwindturbine.com