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Application characteristics of permanent magnet generator

Sep 13, 2017

Permanent magnet generator has many advantages, its practical application, not only very stable and reliable, but also has a high efficiency. For this reason, the use of permanent magnet generators are becoming more and more extensive, and with its increase in the market share, for many users have brought a lot of friends a lot of help. First of all, permanent magnet generators can improve power generation efficiency and reduce losses.

The use of permanent magnet generators is so advanced, in fact, mainly because of its structural design more advanced. For example, permanent magnet generator special application is NdFeB permanent magnet excitation, it can reduce some consumption, so that can improve efficiency. Coupled with the use of permanent magnet rotor, but also to avoid the excitation of the generator excitation coil, carbon brush and the mechanical loss between the collector ring.

In addition, the permanent magnet generator rotor in the rotation process, in fact, to ensure that a state does not occur in contact, and therefore will not produce friction. Therefore, not only can reduce the failure rate, but also can reduce the maintenance workload. More importantly, this can also avoid a lot of wear and tear, thus ensuring the output power of permanent magnet generators. Obviously, the use of permanent magnet generators is very much.

From the use of permanent magnet generator characteristics to analyze, in fact, for users, in the use of the process, not only can guarantee a higher efficiency and output power, but also to avoid a lot of trouble and problems. Because of its relatively small size, and the lighter weight, so that the overall structure of its design is more compact and reasonable, small footprint.

It is because of this feature, so in some of the more harsh working environment, we can still use permanent magnet generator. In addition, permanent magnet generators can also resist radio interference, eliminating the spark. So the use of permanent magnet generators will be more and more widely used.