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Application and installation specification for 1000 w wind turbine.

May 05, 2018

The 1000 w wind turbine is compared with the small wind turbine of 100w. In addition, three screws are used in the installation of blades to improve the convenience of installation. At the same time, it also has the unique design of fuselage shockproof, running smoothly; Flange connection with pole, simple and reliable.

With these unique performance, 1000 w wind generator has been widely used in street lamp public lighting systems, communication base stations, sewage treatment station, toll station, monitoring indicator system, including traffic signs, traffic signals, security monitoring, forest fire monitoring, etc.

Although wind generators of different specifications, installation is the same, but the first installation of 1000 w wind turbines, must conform to the laws and regulations, the region or the consent of the local government. Installation, maintenance and removal of wind turbines must be carried out in windless weather.

In addition, 1000 w wind generator including mechanical and electronic equipment, must be built by professional personnel and pay attention to safety. Do not allow the wind turbine to operate in no-load condition; Meanwhile, the operation mode of 1000 w wind turbine should be regulated to avoid damage.

Overall, 1000 w wind generator is a kind of all-weather operation of wind turbines, is easy to install and use, low cost, high efficiency, etc, therefore is suitable for various regional various climate, in the fishing boats, ger, telecom base station, special style in today's rapid development is widely used on complementary street light system.

For 1000 w wind turbines, especially its intelligent, modular design, further perfect the function of the equipment, stable performance, but also improve the reliability of the product, based on the use of wind energy into the electrical energy required. In addition, 1000 w wind turbines in less comprehensive protection system, can protect equipment can normal use in a variety of circumstances, to reduce the incidence of equipment failure, and effectively extend the service life of equipment.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/