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Advantages of vertical wind turbines compared to conventional horizontal-axis propeller wind turbines

Oct 17, 2018

Traditional horizontal-axis propeller wind turbines have many insurmountable shortcomings, such as short blade life; inconvenient maintenance; poor startability; high noise, safety hazards and so on. However, the existing vertical wind turbines have avoided or improved the above shortcomings, showing many advantages.


Compared with the traditional type, the multi-blade network structure adopted by the vertical wind turbine greatly increases the number of blades, and the effective interception area for the wind is as high as 90% or more. And its whole adopts a large disc structure, and all the blades are mounted on the disc, so that an efficient magnetic suspension structure can be adopted at the disc, so that the entire fan is suspended in the air, and there is no resistance at all during operation, which greatly improves the utilization of wind energy.


The biggest advantage of the large-disc magnetic suspension structure used by vertical wind turbines is that the cantilever beam structure is completely avoided. The gravity of the blades and discs is completely carried by the steel wire rope or magnetic suspension, and the steel wire rope does not generate bending stress, just like the steel ring of the bicycle; Since the load is distributed around, the stress on the intermediate shaft is also small.


That is to say, the application of the vertical wind turbine solves the problem of the cantilever beam and the support shaft, which also solves the bottleneck of the wind turbine generator to the super large development. The wind turbine of this mesh structure can easily achieve the rotation diameter. Dozens of meters, even a few hundred meters.https://www.titanwindturbine.com/