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Advantages of vertical shaft wind driven generator

Jun 15, 2017

Nowadays, mankind is paying more and more attention to environmental issues, and wind power generators have received the attention and attention of people from all over the world as a way to clean up renewable energy. Vertical shaft wind turbines can be aerodynamic under the breeze, no tail for the direction of adjustment, simple structure, easy maintenance, high power generation. Next, Xiaobian with everyone to understand the advantages of vertical axis wind turbine.


wind driven generator

1. It will not be affected by the direction of the wind.
2. Applications and their extensive, people living in the district, rural and urban, including the roof can be used. Easy to install and maintain quiet operation, beautiful appearance.
3. High reliability, low speed can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance, security and high.
4. No noise.
5. The wind speed range is extremely wide.
6. Strong wind resistance, running radius is small.
7. Easy to maintain, no need to wind device.
8. Brakes are simple.


solar panel house

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