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Advantages of variable speed constant frequency small household wind turbines

Jan 05, 2019

Variable speed constant frequency small household wind turbines often use AC excitation doubly-fed generators, which are similar in structure to wound-type induction motors, except that slip rings and brushes are added to the rotor windings, so that the rotor speed and excitation are The frequency is related, so that the internal electromagnetic relationship of the doubly-fed generator is different from the asynchronous generator and the synchronous generator, but it has some characteristics of the asynchronous machine and the synchronous machine.


AC excitation doubly-fed variable-speed constant-frequency small household wind turbine can not only realize the variable-speed constant frequency by controlling the amplitude, phase and frequency of AC excitation, but also realize active and reactive power control, and can also be reactive to the power grid. The role of compensation.


A system such as a small household wind turbine allows the prime mover to operate at a variable speed within a certain range, simplifying the adjustment device and reducing the mechanical stress during speed regulation. At the same time, the unit control is more flexible and convenient, and the operating efficiency of the unit is improved. At the same time, the power required for variable frequency control is only a part of the rated capacity of the motor, so that the frequency conversion device is reduced in volume, the cost is reduced, and the investment is reduced.www.titanwindturbine.com