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Advantages of variable pitch small wind turbines in smart microgrid

Aug 01, 2019

Compared to the fixed blade angle of the traditional yaw fan, the blade angle of the pitch small wind turbine changes in real time as the wind speed changes. The initial large angle ensures that the wind turbine has a low wind speed section and generates more power in the early stage. The negative angle above the rated wind speed confirms the stable output of the high wind speed section. The two together ensure that the variable pitch fan can be 30~40% more than the traditional yaw fan. Electricity.

The pitched small wind turbine can reduce the speed because of the negative angle of the blade, thus ensuring that the fan never overspeeds, and the motor will never be burnt. Together with the intelligent security protection system, double protection is achieved. Therefore, in a smart microgrid with a relatively complex system, a pitch fan is the safest. 

The PLC in the small wind turbine intelligent safety protection system can communicate with the bidirectional inverter or the main control cluster in the intelligent microgrid system through various communication methods or dry contact links. The fusion is convenient and simple, and has extremely high pole. Good integration. At the same time, the self-developed remote monitoring system can interact with the system master in real time, and remotely view various electrical parameters and real-time operating status.