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Advantages of the 100 w wind turbine design

Jun 07, 2019

The 100 w wind turbine adopts special-shaped magnet and unique winding structure. The starting wind speed is low, it can be started at 2.5 m/s without any auxiliary starting device. 2. The blade adopts special composite material and reasonable pneumatic appearance, which makes the whole machine low noise. Operation; using rare earth permanent magnet parts, reducing the size and weight of the whole machine.


The appearance of the 100-w wind generator is streamlined, and some models have excellent visual effects and good looks. The power output adopts anti-winding device, and the electrical wiring adopts “fool” type assembly. It is only necessary to simply connect the plug-in according to the label to prevent misconnection; to minimize the running parts and improve the volatility.


100 w wind turbine machine moulding to ensure consistent product quality; and its controller and inverter, its design is based on the fan manufacturing characteristics, complete and stable operation; strong scalability, preparation Leave a variety of access jacks to extend the scope of use.


100 w wind turbine operation does not require personnel to be on duty, over-voltage, over-discharge, over-current, high-wind automatic treatment and protection, all kinds of operation instructions are clear and easy to understand, and also extend the service life of the battery. The adjustment adopts damping and “anti-shake” design, and the adjustment is smooth and accurate; the tower assembly adopts “gravity taper” device, which is reliable and easy to assemble; the shell adopts special casting materials, and its metal combination has high corrosion resistance and can be used for high corrosion. area.www.titanwindturbine.com