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Advantages of residential vertical wind turbine slide type vane system

May 14, 2019

The traditional three-blade wind turbine does not have a wind collecting and protection system, the wind utilization rate is low, the wind turbine is bulky, and the wind blade is difficult to transport, install and maintain, and is easily damaged. The existing residential vertical wind turbine adopts a slide type vane system. By assembling the vane pulley on the single fan blade, the vane pulley rolls and rotates on the vane ring chute, and the vane ring chute is fixedly installed. On the frame beam of a vertical wind turbine, the vane pulley supports the weight of the blades.


In this way, not only the suspension torque of the single blade to the crankshaft is reduced, so that the blade does not deform or sag due to the excessive length of the blade, and the size of the blade is no longer limited, and the blade can be made very large. The wind blade is subjected to a large wind area, and the wind utilization rate is high, and the maximum thrust and the maximum rotational torque are generated, and the wind blade is driven to rotate in the horizontal plane.


The blades of the residential vertical wind turbine rotate on the slideway in the horizontal plane with good balance characteristics, high speed and good stability, which is easy to install and debug. Produces a balanced rotational torque, no starting dead angle and reversing dead angle, producing maximum torque and optimal dynamic balance characteristics, and the rotation is stable. The slideway vane system increases the stability and safety of the wind turbine after the application of the residential vertical wind turbine.www.titanwindturbine.com