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Advantages of Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Mar 10, 2018

Maglev vertical axis wind turbine is a combination of wind power, turbo effect, chimney effect, a collection of wind and a series of advanced technologies developed by the power generation device, the positive and negative pressure differential generated by the above principle, the instantaneous rotation of the explosive power, you can As a magnetic levitation vertical axis wind turbine power, make it work power generation.


Maglev vertical axis wind turbines mainly include the control system, steel frame, multiple generator sets, double engine room, vertical axis, coupling, turn wind collection, combined wind chamber, vertical wind wheel, horizontal blade, Supporting components, bearings and other components, the size of the wind, the motor speed to simultaneously control the inlet louvers and louvers angle and the control of multi-motor linkage, so that the unit in the whole wind conditions, to maximize power generation.


Compared with the traditional equipment of similar type, the magnetic levitation vertical axis wind turbine adopts multi-layer, uniform structure and paddle, modular assembly, which makes the standard components small in size and easy to transport and install. As the equipment due to the use of intelligent programmable multi-generator linkage work, both according to the number of fan rotation and wind power increase and decrease the number of parallel machines and a multi-energy storage; also based on regulation of multi-wind power generation, from a wind to 12 Wind can run.


As the magnetic vertical axis wind turbines from the traditional model of a single column to 3 columns / 6 columns and multi-structure, manufacturing greatly reduced the difficulty, the device can be assembled in the field, greatly reducing transportation costs, shortening the construction cycle, in accordance with the unit of electricity The cost ratio will be lower than the traditional wind power cost more than 50%.


Maglev vertical axis wind turbine is hand in hand the row arrangement to save land and reduce the input of infrastructure, roads, pipelines, units can be arranged in row can not be planted hilltop wastelands, less than the traditional wind farm farmland, save the land. Especially its permanent magnet direct drive generator sets, eliminating the growth gear box, expanding the scope of application. http://www.titanwindturbine.com