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Advantages and maintenance of the 2000 w wind turbine

Jul 31, 2019

2000 w wind turbine rotary body vertical shaft without rigid drive mechanism, using only conventional bearings, this structure can easily eliminate the jitter and vibration caused by unstable airflow, which is beneficial to improve the life of wind turbines. The unique simple control method automatically winds up and effectively improves the working efficiency of the wind turbine.

Make full use of the aerodynamic design, so that the wind turbine automatically deflects the wind wheel by 90 degrees beyond the safe wind speed, completely not facing the wind, ensuring that the wind turbine runs at a safe wind speed; the tail rudder plate adopts the patented shaft working mode, when the control system fails In the case of the shaft mechanism, it can ensure that the wind turbine is not damaged due to excessive wind speed. At the same time, it has a triple protection method to completely prevent the occurrence of faults. 

The reliability of the 2000 w wind turbine is very high, no regular maintenance is required, but it is necessary to carry out inspection and maintenance in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the system. Check whether the cable of the tower is loose and tighten in time; check whether the connection points of the transmission line are firm and corroded; check and maintain the battery regularly according to the maintenance requirements of the battery.