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Abnormal troubleshooting methods for small household wind turbines

Feb 22, 2019

During the operation of a small household wind turbine, the wind turbine may not be running smoothly, and the sound is increased, and the fan head and the fuselage have obvious vibration. The reason for the violent shaking of the small household wind turbine may be that the generator base fixing bolt is loose; the wind wheel blade is deformed; the tail wing fixing screw is loose; the tower cable is loose. In this regard, if the bolt is loose, tighten the loose bolt; if the rotor blade is deformed, it is necessary to remove the repair or replace the new blade.


Secondly, the steering of small household wind turbines may also be ineffective, especially when the wind speed is low at low wind speeds. When the wind is large, the wind wheel cannot deflect the speed limit in time, so that the wind wheel rotates for a long time, resulting in the stability of the fan. It is getting worse. In this case, the rotating body on the small household wind turbine needs to be removed, cleaned and installed. If the bearing is not installed, the pressure bearing needs to be replenished; if there is no maintenance for a long time, if there is too much sludge or no oil at all, it is necessary to carefully clean it before applying new butter.


Abnormal noise in the operation of small household wind turbines is also a common problem. When the wind speed is small, there is obvious noise, or friction sound, or obvious knocking sound. It is found that there is abnormal noise during the operation of the fan, and should be stopped immediately for inspection. If the fastener screw is loose, add the spring pad to tighten it; if the wind wheel rubs against other parts, find the fault point, adjust or overhaul.www.titanwindturbine.com