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500 w small wind turbine technology features

Feb 14, 2019

The 500w small wind turbine is installed in the engine room. The shaft at the driving end is connected to the gear box through a coupling to receive mechanical power. The stator is connected to the power grid, and the rotor is connected to the power grid through a four-quadrant converter. It can run within the speed range of +/-36.7% of the synchronous speed to realize the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy.


As a key component of a 500 w small wind turbine, it mainly includes welding stand, core winding assembly, insulating end cover, three-phase wound rotor, slip-ring brush frame assembly and slip-ring chamber, stator and rotor junction box, sensor and auxiliary junction box device, lightning protection device, encoder, etc.


500 w small wind turbine adopts the proprietary bearing structure and insulation technology, effectively inhibiting the bearing corrosion; Class H corona resistant insulation structure and vacuum pressure dip paint are selected for the windings, which have the ability to respond to rapid changes in special environment.


At the same time, the standardized and modular design concept is applied to provide multi-directional and diversified external interfaces, which are applicable to random configuration of different engine rooms, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. The improved motor is suitable for the wind field in low wind speed, high altitude and coastal areas, meeting the special performance requirements of low temperature rise, anti-salt fog and low noise.www.titanwindturbine.com