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300 w wind turbine use and maintenance

Nov 14, 2018

As a kind of small wind turbine, 300 w wind turbine can solve the problem of household electricity consumption in remote areas with power shortage. This kind of motor has no pollution and low energy consumption, and is very popular among the people in these areas. In order to improve the quality of power generation, it must be purchased, used and maintained correctly, and the faults should be eliminated in time.


After the 300 w wind turbine has been thoroughly checked and installed, it will be tested. During the test run, observe the abnormal operation and abnormal noise of each component, and eliminate the fault in time; after the trial run, check all the joints thoroughly, and confirm that there is no looseness before putting into formal operation.


Although the 300 w wind turbine is small, it is also generally equipped with protective devices. When encountering squally winds, it should use wheel stop or low speed operation to ensure the safety of the unit and the electrical equipment. In addition to the storm, you must not let the brakes stop by the brakes, so as not to cause the battery to lose electricity.


300 w wind turbines are generally equipped with inverters. When there is wind, the generators charge the batteries. When there is no wind, the batteries are discharged through the inverter to ensure that the wind can be supplied without wind. The connecting wires between the battery, the inverter and the controller should be copper wires with a thicker wire diameter, and the wire pitch should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the line power loss.https://www.titanwindturbine.com/