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300 w wind turbine design features

Jan 03, 2019

The operating environment of the 300 w wind turbine is sometimes quite harsh, which requires the generator to be safe and reliable, and to prevent rain, snow and dust. Therefore, the stator electric density of the permanent magnet generator is smaller than that of the conventional motor to reduce the temperature rise of the generator.


Since the 300 w wind turbine is directly driven by the wind turbine, the rated speed of the generator is required to be very low. It is necessary to make full use of its circumferential linear velocity and reduce the volume to form a structure with a large diameter and a short axial length. The 300 w wind turbine is required to have a low starting pressure to maximize the wind energy utilization factor. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably select the number of winding turns and the length of the core.


The torque ripple of the 300 w wind turbine is as small as possible to make the system run smoothly, and the generator output voltage waveform is as permanent as possible. The low-speed generator has a large number of poles and the outer diameter of the motor cannot be too large. The number of stator slots is limited, and the normal distribution and short-distance windings cannot be used like the conventional motor. Therefore, the fractional slot winding is used to weaken the higher harmonics and reduce the number of revolutions. Moment pulsation.www.titanwindturbine.com