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200w small wind turbine tower, base and fixed ground anchor layout

Jan 22, 2019

When the 200w small wind turbine is equipped with the base and the ground anchor, the connection between the two side anchors should be parallel with the connection of the two pin holes on the ground; the height of the ground anchor and the height of the tower base must be the same. According to the layout of the previous step, the concrete pouring pit is started. The length of the pit at the center base is 0.8m deep and 1.6m. The length of the pit at the four ground anchors is 0.8m deep and 1.0m. The concrete is poured into 45# concrete, and the center base is placed in four. Anchor bolts, pay attention to the hole of the base, and fix the base to the cement seat previously poured with bolts.www.titanwindturbine.com