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200w small wind turbine can solve the household's electricity demand

Apr 05, 2019

First, can a 200w small wind turbine solve a household appliance? This depends on the total power of the electrical appliances used in the home. If the total power does not exceed 200w, and the electrical appliances do not have more powerful inductive load appliances, such as air conditioners, pumps, motors, etc.

 Secondly, the power of 200w small wind turbines is not directly linked to how much electricity we use in a month. The probability of electricity consumption in households is generally 65%. That is to say, in theory, 200w wind turbines can solve a family 0.3kw. Electricity demand. You can supply power, lighting, fans, chargers, etc. to the following appliances.

 Again, in addition to knowing the power of the wind turbine, refer to the local wind speed data. The 200w small wind turbine is rated at 200w per hour at rated wind speed. Finally, if there are high-power inductive load appliances such as air conditioners, pumps, motors, etc. in the home appliances, we recommend installing more powerful wind turbines to basically meet the needs.www.titanwindturbine.com