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2000 w wind turbines take advantage of horizontal axis design

Apr 01, 2019

In the new 2000 w wind turbine, the working principle of the empennage comes from aerodynamics. Simply put, the impeller of the wind turbine is rotated by the wind, a vortex pressure is formed at the rear of the impeller, and the rudder plate is pressed. Automatic rotation according to the pressure, reduce the windward area of the impeller, reduce the wind force through the impeller, the impeller speed will automatically reach a reasonable speed, keep the impeller and generator maintained at a good speed, and ensure that the generator operates in a high efficiency state.


The 2000 w wind turbine can be completely sealed, the internal standard bearing is adopted, and the waterproof connection ring is adopted for each component connection port to completely prevent the dust, water and salt spray from being sealed. The principle of the control of the rudder is the gravity of the earth. The control of the working point will not be affected by factors such as time and wear. It is not easy to change the working point and greatly improve the reliability.


When the horizontal axis 2000 w wind turbine is actually working, it benefits from the unique technical innovation. The moving parts are only the horizontal axis rotation of the tail rudder. The maximum working angle is 90°, and there is basically no vibration, which is beneficial to improve the life of the wind turbine. At the same time, it has a triple protection method to completely prevent the occurrence of faults.www.titanwindturbine.com