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200 w wind turbine power generation principle and basic configuration

Dec 31, 2018

The operating principle of the 200 w wind turbine is to convert the wind energy into mechanical energy through the impeller. After the spindle rotates the chain, after the speed increaser increases the speed to the asynchronous generator, the unstable three-phase alternating current generated by the controller becomes Stable DC power. If it is an off-grid system, the DC power will be stored in the battery, and then the electricity in the battery will be changed to 220V for use by the inverter; if it is a grid-connected system, the DC will be directly converted by the high-voltage inverter. The high voltage is directly supplied to the grid.


The simplest 200 w wind turbine can be composed of two parts: the blade and the generator head. The electric energy generated by the early wind turbines sometimes does not change with the wind, and the voltage and frequency are unstable, which has no practical value. To solve these problems, modern wind turbines have added accelerators, yaw systems, braking systems and control systems.


For a 200 w wind turbine, the accelerator can turn very low rotor speeds into very high generator speeds. It also makes the generator easy to control and achieves stable frequency and voltage output. The yaw system allows the wind turbine to sweep the area always perpendicular to the main wind direction, and can always be aligned with the main wind direction.


The 200 w wind turbine's accelerator and yaw system control the system according to wind speed and wind direction, operate at a stable voltage and frequency, and automatically output three-phase AC power; at the same time, the control system and brake system alarm any abnormalities that occur. , if necessary, automatically stop.


Most low-power wind turbines have a constant speed, and the same is true for 100-w wind turbines. However, with the development and use of high-power wind turbines for marine use, the speed of wind turbines is no longer constant, and the speed of the blades is also due to the blades. Increase and increase.www.titanwindturbine.com