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200 w wind turbine is a concentrated wind energy device

Jun 08, 2019

The concentrated wind energy type wind turbine is a kind of wind power generation device that utilizes the natural wind to concentrate and homogenize the lean and unstable wind energy through the energy collecting device. One of the 200 w wind turbines is already in China and Japan. Regional applications.


When the natural wind speed is 10m/s, the generator efficiency is 0.603, the unit power reaches 208.6W, the wind energy utilization coefficient is 0.52, and the operation effect is good. Compared with other domestic and foreign excellent units, it has the characteristics of smaller wind wheel diameter, lower starting wind speed and higher wind energy utilization coefficient. The 200-W wind turbine adopts a 6-blade wind wheel, which can automatically limit the speed at high wind speed, with high safety and broad application prospects.


In order to ensure the safety during the operation of the 200 W wind turbine, it is generally not allowed to work on the live power. It is necessary to check whether there is voltage before starting work. Warning signs such as “Working here” and “High Voltage Danger” shall be placed on the maintenance equipment and adjacent equipment; the maintenance work site shall have sufficient lighting; if the wind speed exceeds the specified value, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the inspection work on the tower.www.titanwindturbine.com