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1000 w small wind turbines have product features

Apr 23, 2019

The 1000 w small wind turbine adopts flanged blades and has stronger wind resistance. The blades are made of high quality reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic. The flange blades are used for easy installation and wind resistance. The wind energy utilization factor is high, which increases the annual power generation. When starting, the torque is low, the power generation conversion rate is high, and the high-temperature resistant Teflon wire is used. When the generator is overloaded, it is not easy to burn the wire.


The blades of the 1000 w small wind turbine have their own speed protection. At the same time, they can be equipped with mechanical manual and electronic automatic brake. In the area without typhoon and super gust, only manual brake can be set; the main force points of the blade are concentrated on The hub, so the problems of blade shedding, breakage and blade flying out have been solved better; due to the difference in design structure and operation principle, it has smaller radius of gyration than other forms of wind power generation, saving space and improving efficiency. .www.titanwindturbine.com