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100 w wind turbines are different

Sep 29, 2018

Although the 100 w wind turbine is a small wind turbine, its design can not be sloppy. It adopts flange blade design, easy installation, strong wind resistance, high wind energy utilization coefficient and increased annual power generation. At the time of starting, the torque is low and the power generation conversion rate is high. The high temperature resistant Teflon wire is used to ensure the safe operation of the generator.


The blade of the 100 w wind turbine has its own speed protection. It can be equipped with mechanical manual and electronic automatic brake. In the area without typhoon and super gust, only manual brake can be set; the main force points of the blade are concentrated on the hub. Therefore, problems such as blade shedding, fracture and blade flying out have been well solved.


Due to its different design structure and operating principle, the 100 W wind turbine has a smaller radius of gyration than other forms of wind power generation, saving space and improving efficiency; horizontal rotation makes it less subject to wind pressure, easy to install and maintain .


The starting wind speed of the 100 w wind turbine is lower than that of other types of wind turbines, and the increase of power generation is relatively flat. Therefore, in the range of 5-8 m wind speed, its power generation is 10% higher than other types of wind turbines. 30%; because it is equipped with NdFeB permanent magnet rotor alternator, special sub-design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, while using the wind wheel and generator has better matching characteristics, the unit is running reliability.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/