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100 w wind turbine how to increase power generation

Apr 28, 2019

The 100 w wind turbine adopts the magnetic suspension generator and the slide type magnetic suspension blade supporting frame. The principle of mutual repulsive force of the same polarity magnetic pole is adopted, and the unique magnetic suspension structure is used to offset the total weight of the fan added to the bearing. The structural mode can be The resistance when the wind turbine is rotated is greatly reduced, and the wind energy utilization rate is increased by about 5-7% compared with the conventional vertical axis wind turbine.


The 100 w wind turbine uses the dynamic power distribution module dual battery pack energy storage method to regulate and absorb excess electric energy, completely abandoning the unloading resistance, using this net increase of power generation 10~12%; The medium and low voltage power generated is boosted by boosting to the actual use of high voltage power. This net increase in power generation is 11-23.5%.


The static/dynamic two-way compression energy collecting device overcomes the bad condition caused by the different angular positions when the vertical axis wind turbine blades rotate, so that the wind energy imparted by nature acts on a forward thrust rotation direction. This measure drastically increased power generation by 20-30%.www.titanwindturbine.com