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100 w wind turbine design and its precautions

Nov 08, 2018

The casing of the 100 w wind turbine is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel fittings, so the whole equipment is not only light weight, small in size, but also superior in appearance. The motor adopts a unique magnetic circuit design, so the starting torque is extremely small, so the breeze starting ability can be effectively guaranteed.


The design of the blade of the 100 w wind turbine is in accordance with the aerodynamic principle. The carbon fiber of the blade material is made of imported high-strength engineering materials; and the appearance is beautiful and generous, which has become an excellent choice for dispersed users, communication towers, municipal engineering and scenic spots. .


Although the power is relatively small, once the 100 W wind turbine is not working properly, shaking, or has abnormal sound, it should be stopped for inspection. When the fan rotates normally, the wind wheel rotates in the plane direction. Do not stand and perform other work to prevent the blade from flying out and hurting people. Keep the battery dry and clean. Do not place metal objects on the battery pack to prevent short circuit.


100 w wind turbine electrical box negative grounding and single-purpose inverter should not be placed together to avoid short circuit and correct operation according to the inverter power supply manual. When the cable is in the strong wind, it will be loosened automatically. It can be locked by wire. After each strong wind, check whether it is loose. If it is loose, remove it in time. For safety reasons, 100 w wind turbines should be routed separately, not mixed with other lines, or DC power can be used for lighting, and household appliances use AC power from inverters.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/