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100 w small wind turbine blade design

Nov 29, 2018

The blade design of 100 w small wind turbine can be divided into two major stages: aerodynamic design and structural design. The aerodynamic design of the blade is mainly the shape optimization design, which directly determines the power generation efficiency of the fan. Under the operating conditions of the fan, the Reynolds number of the flow At a lower level, the blades are usually operated at low speed and high lift coefficient, and the flow disturbance between the blades causes the flow to be very complicated. The design of the blade profile becomes very important for the complex flow state of the blade profile and the distribution of the blade by the blade in different orientations.


The blade type determines that the airfoil is a very important part of the 100 w small wind turbine blade. It directly affects the start of the wind wheel and the efficiency of receiving the wind energy. It is distinguished by the blade airfoil. The blades can be divided into flat type, sail type and twist type. . Among them, the flat type and the sail type are mainly applied to the low speed wind turbine airfoil, and the main feature is that the angle of attack is constant and the same on the whole blade, so the structure is simple, easy to manufacture and low in cost.


The length of the blade is different, and the blade root to the tip of the blade are gradually reduced, so that the blade reaches the optimal angle of attack everywhere to obtain the best lift to obtain higher wind energy acceptance efficiency. In the twisted blade, the best angle of attack is obtained everywhere in the blade, and different angles of attack correspond to different airfoil chord lengths to obtain the same lift-to-drag ratio, that is, the same aerodynamic characteristics to utilize wind energy efficiently.