Wind Driven Generator 300w generator for home electricity

Product Details

A Wind Driven Generator 300w generator for home electricity is a distributed power source. Household wind turbines are mainly used in rural, pastoral, mountainous areas, large, medium and small cities in development or near commercial areas to solve the needs of local users. As the country continues to introduce relevant support policies, household wind turbines, as a kind of distributed power supply, have become a new type and have broad development with its small modular, decentralized and efficient and reliable power generation mode arranged in the vicinity of users. Prospective power generation methods and integrated energy use methods.

Wind driven generator aircraft features: 

1.Low starting wind speed, wind energy utilization; , small volume and beautiful shape, low running vibration.

2.Easy installation and using humanized design, equipment installation, maintenance and overhaul.

3.Turbine blades with new technology of precision injection molding, with the optimization of aerodynamic design and structure design,

wind energy utilization coefficient is high, the increase in power generation.

4.Generator adopts the patent technology of permanent magnet rotor ac generator, the stator with special design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, at the same time make wind turbines and generators have more good matching characteristic, the reliability of unit operation.


Environmental adaptability:

Wind and solar street lights with the traditional construction cost of the same

(Part of the road even lower than the conventional street lamp construction costs); low operating costs (no power consumption, only maintenance costs) anti-theft measures are reliable, safety is higher than ordinary lights.